Susan Billiar





It's what's behind the sign that counts.

It's a simple circle with white letters inside, but the Allen Tate logo may be one of the best-known symbols in the Carolinas. On a billboard or in a newspaper ad, on a sign or on a business card, wherever you see it, the name "Allen Tate" is synonymous with excellence in real estate.


A strong, pervasive marketing campaign is invaluable to a Realtor. Our online marketing directs a steady flow of traffic to our website to generate leads for our agents and showcase their listings. We also employ traditional print, radio, television and outdoor advertising strategies to reach our target audiences.


Allen Tate Company is always at work to stay abreast of marketing trends; we're among the first real estate companies in the nation with a staff member dedicated to social media. We connect with our clients, prospects, Realtors, employees and community through our presence on FacebookTwitterPinterest and LinkedIn. We continue the dialogue through our company blog.


The most integral part of our marketing strategy is branding. Allen Tate Realtors is unusual in its dedication to uniform branding, but we trust in this most effective and proven tactic. When a customer sees the iconic Allen Tate yard sign, they are confident they will be in the capable hands of a trusted real estate advisor.


Agents are provided with a wealth of professional marketing tools and materials, many at little or no cost and exclusive to Allen Tate agents. Our Realtor Marketing Tools offer customizable postcards, brochures, flyers and newsletters, tied directly to current marketing initiatives, as well as buyer's and listing presentation materials. Customers find great value in free stay-in-touch tools like Home Notes, a monthly email newsletter with home maintenance and repair tips; Market Report, a customized email report designed to keep homeowners aware of market activity in their neighborhood and TateMobile, an app that lets buyers on the go find properties that match their needs.


At Allen Tate, we help you aggressively market your listings, assist your buyers, connect with prospects and establish and grow your own personal brand. Let us show you what's behind the sign.